Monday, 31 March 2014

Emperor Mk.II... Construction begins

Hmm... Blogging isn't that easy...  I need to actually implement the good advice my friend Fez suggested


I figure I start with the chassis... and then work around from there.

The last scratch build Titan I attempted was a hollow body with a plastic pipe skeleton... and not a particularly robust one at that.  Suffice to say, some of the joints didn't last that long (which is why i'm doing this again).

As a result... I am going to deliberately over-engineer this one.. I'd like it to be all but indestructible on the gaming table (and going to and from it)... I decided that the chassis needed to be part of the load bearing structure of the model... not just to rely on the skeleton to take the weight. Also... the skeleton pipework needs to be significantly more robust... 

Interference fitting

To make the chassis load-bearing for the castle section that goes above it... It needs a lot of solid joints.  I figure this is the best way to go about doing that.  I'm using the chassis design of the Epic Scale model (as best as I can work it out - I don't own one) as the basis for the model... obviously a lot of detail needs to be added

8 foam board pieces are cut - all the same size - which then are able to slide together to make a single interlocking design.  Once glued with supporting [90 degree] braces it makes a very solid, robust design

You can also see the large black [40mm] pipe that forms the skeleton structure.  This is solvent weld plumbing pipe and once glued together will be more that sufficient for the job.

**edit**  grammar corrected for the Fez-Man!

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

40K scale Emperor Battle Titan.... again

Yes i know... i thought i'd get this out of the way first!

Version 1 started out as a warlord that I then converted.  However, i didn't build it all that well and as a result the hips broke transporting it to a game.
Also the scale was a bit wrong... I'm all for massive models, but it was big (too big)

So... version 2 is needed.

Scale is important now!

I'm going to basing the scale of the Emperor on the GW Emperor Titan Rules PDF

This clearly shows that a warhound titan comes up to it's knees... approximately...

You can also see that this scale was honored at Epic Scale 

This is also a nice scale reference for a lot of superheavy walkers

Therefore... we need to use the current ForgeWorld Warhound Titan as a reference point

Direct from the FW site

By my reckoning... an Emperor is about 3.5 times the height of a warhound

Therefore... my new Emperor should stand 10.5x3" = 31.5" (250mmx3=750mm)

Well to make things easy.. i'm aiming for 36" give or take a bit..

More to come on this

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Chaos Divided

Leviathan Crusader.... just not chaosy enough for me

I have a big 40K Apocalypse Chaos Army... when i saw the Dreamforge Games Leviathan Crusader at Salute last year (2013) i just had to have one... but it needed 'corrupting'

Sorry... i finished this so there are no 'in progress' images

So take one awesome model like this.... 

And then start to add a lot of greenstuff, kitbash bits from other GW stuff.... you end up with this

I got tired of seeing chaos dedications where the 'undivided' status meant that there were no dominant patronage to any of the chaos gods... think the Black Legion... imho very boring

So... imagine the gods of Chaos fighting over this particular pool soul... and each of them get a bit

Tzeentch gets this arm

Khorne gets this arm

Slaanesh gets this leg

Nurgle gets this leg

The Daemon needs power... so we burn the souls of the innocent in the reactor (/evilgrin)

There you go... Chaos Divided



Well i guess the first post should be hello and welcome to my own little mad corner.  I'm not much of a blogger, but i thought i probably have a place to record the madness that are my hobby projects.  Many have come and gone before this blog got created

Shall we begin?