Sunday, 29 June 2014

Emperor Titan... Castle Section

Firstly... an apology!

I've not posted for a while, mainly because I've been super busy with work and home-life... but also because the section that I've been working on is massively frustrating.  I see that there are some folk that are regularly checking the blog for updates, many thanks for doing that and I'll endeavour to make more regular updates.

Emperor Castle Section

I got a lot of the main torso section working pretty well... and before I start on the main guns, I figured I should get the castle section done.
I posted a prototype of one of the towers a while back... I started working around this concept but decided that it (the tower) was far too angular.

So... scrapping all of that (which was quite a bit)... I started all over again

So i'm going for something like this... I'm using the concept of the original Epic Emperor as per my current modus operandi...
You can see the scale here... the model is the new Ork Painboy

Each of the towers will have a titan blast cannon attached... These towers will rotate

Central dome removed showing the rotating element

Something along the lines of this..  I need 6 of these for the 6 weapons on the carapace of the Emperor... As you can see I have 4 main towers, the central dome - all of which will have a cannon attached.  The base of the central tower also has a rotating section that I can attach a cannon to... for rear shots.

The base of the tower will have the rear facing cannon

Close-up of the scale.. I like the idea of a balcony on the central tower so I can stick some suitable miniature to lord it over the battle field.
The original Epic model has a large cannon on the top of it's central tower... I won't be doing this, so am looking for an idea to cover the flat section... I'm currently thinking of a large radar dish, or Chaos Icon/Shrine

Now... adding the castle section as it is to the torso section...

So that is where I currently am with the Emperor... I have a LOT more work to do on the Castle section but I wanted to update everyone who has been following this.

Next is to decide what I'll be doing for the front two towers... and then I need to get the edging for the carapace.

Then lots of cannons!