Wednesday, 20 August 2014

More painting...

I've been adding some extra detailing on the top section.. I need to add the spikes and chaos arrow detailing around the back..

However, i'm off on vacation for a week so no more posting for a while


Sunday, 17 August 2014

Flames.... i've been painting

 I've been working on this for a while - the hiatus in posting is testament to this...

I posted some images of the flame theme on the towers... I've now completed the first part of this theme on the top section

You can see some of the detailing that I've added... I'll be keeping it like this for the time being until I've finished.  This will be to assess what I can leave and then add to

Note... there were some comments about a lack of scale... 10 points for spotting the Ork Boy in these photos - also giving you the scale

Monday, 4 August 2014

It stands!

This is something that i've been working towards for a while... i've been wanting to see the emperor titan standing so that I can get a good idea of what the overall model will be like

Yes, there is a LOT of things to finish.... but i'm pretty happy that i've managed to get this far

I've spent quite a bit of this weekend measuring and remeasuring the pipework so that I could get this far.  You can also see the hip structures that i'm currently playing with... I may change these (at the top of each leg)... I also need to add a log of detailing around the legs and the hip pipework as it's rather barren at the moment.
You can also see the initial structure of the two arm cannons... I'm going to use these as placeholders for the time being, I want to paint everything else before I work on these.

I've also been working on more flames for the top turrets

Lots more detailing to add around the edges... 

That's it for now